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Capture consent to standard terms with a single click

DocuSign Click

A customizable clickwrap solution that's easy to use, simple to deploy

DocuSign Click enables you to capture consent to agreement terms—like terms of service and privacy policies—in an embedded experience with a click of a checkbox or buttons on your websites and apps.

Features and benefits

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Detailed audit trail

Help ensure compliance and eliminate unnecessary legal risk with a complete audit trail.

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Configurable display

Customize display and acceptance options to meet your requirements.

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Quick, easy deployment

Streamline development and maintenance with auto-generated code snippets to embed in your website or apps.

DocuSign Click solutions

Intuitive interface

Easily configure the agreement layout, enforcement, and recipient delivery to meet your needs.

Simple implementation

Automatically generate a code snippet and embed in your customer site or mobile apps.

Easily auditable

Click’s complete audit trail gives you confidence your clickwrap will hold up in a court of law.

Version control

Easily manage changes or updates to existing clickwrap agreements, with visibility into who agreed to specific versions.

Implement and manage your clickwrap agreements with our Click REST API that's easy to use and simple to deploy.

Manage centrally

Track, store, and manage completed clickwrap agreements in one place.

Multilingual support

DocuSign Click is available in a variety of languages.

Reduce time to agreement

With quick setup, a secure and reliable platform, and a configurable, intuitive interface, DocuSign Click simplifies creating clickwrap agreements for customer acceptance in your website and apps.

A terms of service agreement in a lightbox within a web browser.
A terms of service agreement in a lightbox within a web browser.

What is a clickwrap?

A clickwrap is an industry-accepted term that refers to a simple method for legally indicating consent to a set of terms such as terms of service and privacy policies by clicking "I agree" or similar process. Other use cases include account sign-ups and openings, software licenses and downloads, product trials, checkout pages, and registration pages.
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